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Unsaturated Polyster Fiberglass Mat GPO3 Sheet


GPO3 Accessories has good mechanical strength,dielectric strength,and excellent arc resistance.

1. Polyester glass mat insulation accessories GPO3 Accessories .
2. GPO3 Accessories has good mechanical strength,dielectric strength,and excellent arc and carbon tracking resistance,grade GPO3 is flame resistant.it is designed for general purpose insulation and mechanical support in electrical equipment,where a flame resistant material is required.
3.Performances and Applications of GPO3 :
? a. High mechanical strength, mechanical applications and impact resistance.
? b. Can be easily processed by standard mechanical processing equipments.
? c. Available for punching, drilling, mechanical processing, and shearing.
? d. Stable size and small tolerance in thickness, could meet tolerance requirements without granding.
? e. Good electrical performance in high humidity,CTI>300V, good arc resistance(>150 seconds),excellent heat resistance, distortion temperature>240°C,Grade F hear resistance, flame resistance,America UL94V0 rating standard,no halogen, less smoke on fire,various types and specifications,?
? f. Groove shape,horn,square tubes,square sticks,pipe,round rods
? g. Available in medium and high voltage inverter,converter,high-voltage switchgear service such as main insulation materials
? h. Used as pillar, beams,cable trough etc.
? i. Breaker safety baffle,safety cover board,interval liner,alternate with clapboard,arc plate of arcing chamber etc.
? j. Motor armature components and self-sealing cover-plate,slot wedge stator,calm gaskets,thin gasket,carbon brush stands,and so on.
? k. The front-end switchgear, and back-end,top and bottom,alternate with clapboard,etc.
? l. Structural parts for arc resistance and insulation support pieces.
4.Gained the ISO9001 certificate.?

Model NO GPO-3 ? ?
Base Material glass fiber chopped strand mat+ epoxy resin
Density 2.0 ? ?
? ? ? ?
Item Testing method Unit Result
Fire Retardancy Grade A ?-- 94-V0
Dielectric constant C-96/20/65 (in 25 °C oil) KV/mm 14(OK)
Volume Resistivity C-96/20/65? Ω 5*10^11-10^12
Volume Resistivity C-96/20/65??+C-96/40/95 Ω 5*10^11-10^12
Surface Resitance C-96/20/65 Ω 5*10^10-10^12
Surface Resitance C-96/20/65 +C-96/40/90 Ω 5*10^11-10^12
Insulation Resistance C-96/20/65 Ω-cm 5*10^10-10^11
Insulation Resistance C-96/20/65 +D-2/100 Ω-cm 10^8-10^9
Permittivity(1MHZ) C-96/20/65? ?-- 4.0-5.0
Permittivity(1MHZ) C-96/20/65 +D-48/50 ?-- 4.5-5.5
Dissipation Factor(1MHZ) C-96/20/65? ?-- 0.035-0.045
Dissipation Factor(1MHZ) C-96/20/65 +D-48/50 ?-- 0.04-0.05
Bending strength(Horizontal) A kg/mm2 ?38-45
Heat Resistance(120min) A °C 200(OK)
Anti-impact intensity(Parrallellable) A kg-cm/cm2 ?--
Adhesive strength A kg ?--
Compressive strength(Vertical) A kg/mm2 ?--
Compressive strength(Horizontal) A kg/mm2 ?--
Water absorption rate E-24/50 +D-24/23 % 0.05-0.07
Acetone Resistance boiled Min 30(OK)
Punching Force A °C 20


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