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Vulcanized Fibre Gaskets Washers index data $ packing

rotor end-plate Rotor end plate Gasket Cushion VULCANIZED FIBER Slot liner paper for stator and rotor VULCANIZED FIBER

vulcanized fiber coils

Rotor end plate

Rotor end plate

Gasket, Cushion

Slot liner paper for stator and rotor
Grinding slice abrasive disc fiber gaskers Car backing FLAME HEATR WATER RETARDANT FIBER GASKETS FISH PAPER Welding mask / textile shuttl materiale

Grinding slice

abrasive disc

Welding mask / textile shuttl materiale
     CUTTINGPUNCHINGLATHE OPERATIONTHREADINGBENDING We Supply FishPaper / Vulcanized Fibre in die-cut / fabricated parts per drawings ALL KIND OF Gaskets or Washers material comes in many forms to suit different industrial applications FROM our copartner(yuezhen factory)  
Vulcanized Fiber: Provides heat resistance, wear resistance, and excellent resistance to solvents and oil.We can manufacture all kind of spec gaskets or washers according to you drawing and needs.
We provide quality precision parts that stand up to your demanding requirements.
We offer Asbestos Fiber and Vulcanized Fiber gasket in round & uneven shapes for mechanical assemblies. They effectively seal the mating sufferers to zero clearance. They seal into the imperfections of the Joint contact faces by 'Yielding Flow ' of the gasket material Vulcanized Fibre, Fibreboard and Phenolex Industrial Laminated Plastic Sheets are all used to make Gasket, Shims and Washers.
VULCANIZED FIBRE is a kind of fine insulation and structure material. It is highly pure fibre in latification. Steel fibre tension is near to aluminium but only half of aluminium in weight and owns strong media tension, flexibility,fine machinery feature and other special features. It is good at anti-oil and anti- erosion, which can manufacture us electric machinery rotor mol-ars, insulation gaskets, plugs, parts and protective levels. According to clients requirement, our ompany can process different dimensions vulcanized fibres with good precision and small warp (about ±0.1mm), or better precision as clients' order. Our clients expliment- ly low down purchasing cost and time but greatly achieve before and after sale service.CAR INSIDE WALLS WELDING MASK SHUTTLE ETCFISH PAPER

our copartner(yuezhen factory) also make make and selling various metal and nonmetal parts and all kinds of isolation structure parts such as machinery electronics, micro-electronics machines, family appliances,electromotion tools, and auto electronic appliances.vulcanized fiber coils, wedge, metal stampings (motor fan, fan covers, carbon brush holder, two-level nog, wave coils, U-ring…), and vulcanized fibre stampings (insulation end-plate for motor roller, stator clapboard, adjusting washer, separated gasket,insulating paper tubes…) isolation structure partsVULCANIZED FIBER