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Vulcanized Fibre is made from a number of plies of paper, depending on the thickness required. The plies are passed through a bath of Zinc Chloride, an acid. The Zinc Chloride bath makes the surfaces of the individual fibers, which make up the paper, gummy and sticky. These gummy plies of paper are then pressed together. 

The gelatinous fibers create both a stronger bond within each ply of paper and a stronger bond between the plies of paper. They bind together to form Vulcanized Fibre, a chemically pure product of unmatched physical and electrical properties, and unique bond strength. 

Once the fibre plies are bonded together, the Zinc Chloride is gradually leached out of the fibre in a series of water baths. The fibre is then dried and cut into its final form: sheets, rolls, coils or strips. Rods and Tubes are made on a different machine, but the concepts are the same.

The resulting fibre is almost completely pure cellulose, free from any artificial glues, resins or binders. Other than trace elements, it contains entirely natural components.

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