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  • vulcanized fiber ,vulcanized fibre ,fishpaperfuse tubes ,vulcanized fiber tubing

Innersole fiber Board Bulk Insole shoe material Insole Paperboard Lining Fiberboard PU Leather fishpaper case box luggage

celloluse insole fiberboard shoe materialBulk Insole Material Insole Paperboard Lining Fiberboard PU Leather fishpaper case box luggage Innersole fiber Board
Package:500Sheets/Standard Export Pallet; 50Sheets/25/Sheets

SHOES:Innersole for men's shoes,women's shoes ,sports shoes and all other kinds.
BAGS:Intermediate material for bags,cases,briefcases,etc.
STATIONERY:covers of files,books,journal,pocket note books,etc.
CARS:Varioys decoration,accessories and heat-proof of the cars.
MACHINE: Line material for tubes in machine.
1.RESISTANCE TO BENDING: MOONTEX" is possessed of excelllent resistance to bending because of special compounded latex. It will not crack hardening or deformed with bending and can extend service life.
2.WATER RESOSTANCE :“MOONTEX" will not split or warp even soals in water,possessed excellent burstiong strength and tearing strength ,and can meet all kind of footware stylleis is require. 3.DIMENSIONAL STABILITY:Superior dimentional stability the innersole will not shrind or grow the property helps shos resist change in size of shape under extremes of heat settiong and moden hign temperature high speed equipment.
4.RESILIENCE:Balanced slasticity and tenacity keep the bottom of shoes firmly conform to foot and provide elasticity and excellent abrasion resistance.
5.ABRASION RESISTANCE:“MOONTEX"is made by abrasion resistance compound to foot and provide alasticity and excellent abrasion resistance.
6.PASTE:“MOONTEX"us easy to cut shape form round stitch nail and paste which will be convenient for production requirements.
7.HYGIENE:“MOONTEX" is treated with medical and with countless microcopic pores because of it is special taxture can absorbs and breathes away perspiration and heat to keep feet cool and comfortable.
Main physical target:


Peel strength

Flexural strength

Tensile strength after 4 hours'submerging

Elongation after 1 hour's submerging

National standard grade A





Actual test