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Tube application

Vulcanized Fiber Tubes or Vulcanised Fibre Tubes or Arc Extinguishing Tubes complex tubing of epoxy resin fiberglass & Vulcanized Fiber or Tubes FORBON Combination, complex tubing of vulcanized fibre epoxy resin fiberglass (silk or cloth)/fuse tubes arc-quenching/Vulcanized fibre tube wrapped with fibre glass

a glass fabric base rolled tube bonded with an epoxy resin. except it is produced in smaller inside diameters and thinner walls. This grade has heat resistant . It possesses low water absorption, and exhibits excellent electrical and dimensional characteristics when exposed to high humidity conditionsrecommended for applications requiring outstanding mechanical properties at elevated temperatures, and applications requiring good insulation resistance, arc resistance, and dielectric strength. Recommended for its dimensional stability under varying humidity conditionCoil forms and bobbins for high frequency telecommunications, high temperature insulators in welding nozzles, and electrical insulators in high temperature environments.

Vulcanzied textile epoxy-glass compound canal
Hollow bushing of Vulcanzied textile epoxy-glass

filament wound tube made from continuous E glass filaments used in a form of roving, and saturated with an epoxy resin. The angle of wind can be varied to suit the application and strength requirements. This material is recommended for applications requiring high mechanical strength and good electrical resistance.
Typical uses :include high voltage insulators, fuse tubes, reverse osmosis shells, and rocket casings.high amperage fuse tubes where arc resistance
a unique Filamite tube which uses a combination of insulating materials. A core of Vulcanized Fibre is overwrapped, by filament winding, with a fiberglass-epoxy shell. The angle of wind is optimized to provide a finished tube with good tensile and burst strength. Used widely for electrical fuses, where the quenching and insulating properties of the FORBON ? core and high strength of the G-12-3737 are important.
Commonly used in “cut-out” fuses.

Arc-extinction vulcanized fibre tube
It is similar in characteristics and general properties to sheet fibre. Tubes are manufactured by winding chemically treated paper on mandrels to the desired wall thickness. They are then pured, dried, rolled, ground and sanded. This manufacturing process gives fibre tube a slightly higher density than sheet fibre.

Vulcanized fibre tubes have good mechanical and dielectric strength, arc resistance, arc quenching characteris-tics, and excellent machining, forming and spinning qualities.

Fuse cartridges, plugs, insulators, liners,
grommets, and bushings.

Grey, black, red, white,Yellow,Green etc..

Approximately 2' long for inside diameters up to 3/8". Approximately 4' long for inside diameters over 3/8".

Note:Specification and length can according to customer's need to produces

I.D (in) Wall thickness (in.)
from to from to
1/8 7/32 1/32 1/8
1/4 7/16 1/32 3/16
1/2 1-1/4 1/32 1/4
1-3/8 1-7/8 1/16 1/4
2 2-7/8 1/8 5/16
3 4-7/8 1/8 1/2